If you have a frantic day and almost do not have time to rest, maybe you appreciate having a massage chair at home which can help you to disconnect of the hard routine.

However, if you are thinking about getting spa chairs, you must consider a number of very important factors before making a decision.


Who is the chair for? It is the first basic question that you must answer when choosing. This class of furniture has a wide variety of functions that affect the final price of the product. Do you really need me to help you get up or generate heat? Rate what you really want and what is really important to you.

If you are just looking for a relaxing moment, you can opt for simpler models. If you have a mobility problem, you will be more complex. Think about it. I’m sure your pocket appreciates it.


It is common sense to measure the space that you have at home so that your new pedicure chairs will fit in it. What may not be so common is to think that these seats are often reclining or have parts deployable (footrest, for example), so you must have these factors well present before launching to buy one.

Not only measure the empty space you have at home, also inform yourself of the full measures of the chair in all possible positions to ensure that it will fit properly.


As with a normal and ordinary sofa, in a massage there is a wide variety of materials to choose from: leather, leatherette, fabric or polyester. Some are cheaper, others more comfortable and others easier to wash. Do you have children and are there many chances of getting it dirty? Are you looking for durability? Do you prefer aesthetics?

While upholstery made of cloth (both natural and synthetic) are usually cheaper and can be easily washed even in the washing machine, leather ones tend to be more durable and resistant. There is a suitable material for each situation. Reflect on which is the one that most compensates you.


A massage chair is not a piece of furniture that can be changed with the same ease with which you can change a normal one. That is why it is important to think with an eye on the future. Do you plan to buy new furniture? Are you going to paint the walls of another color?

Sofas with neutral colors are easier to combine, so you will have fewer problems with them when there is a sudden change of decoration. Oh, and remember that the catalog photos can be misleading and the colors that appear in them, sometimes, turn out to be quite different when we see them in reality.