Six Reasons Why You Should Use a USB Memory to Store Your Data Rather Than the Cloud

The boom in storage services has opened the debate about the future that awaits USB external memory storage devices.

Available anywhere, without the need for a physical device and easy to share, it seemed that our files would find cloud storage the perfect home to live in. And in a certain way, it is like that.

The cloud is facilitating the work of many companies and allowing the disappearance of the gigantic servers with which they traditionally operated, also allowing a greater storage capacity in a direct and immediate service, with guarantees from the suppliers.

The advantages of the cloud are not denied by anyone, but do they really mean the end of USB external memories, as some voices predict? The answer is no.

From the perspective of the final user, these two ways provide a perfect combination and an ideal complement to one another. In some contexts, USB memory devices may not be necessary, in others, they are undoubtedly the best option and there are situations in which the combination of both tools is the winning choice.

It can be easily verified that personalized USB memories are still among the corporate promotional gifts most used by companies, as well as by individuals.

Here are six reasons why you might prefer a USB external memory to the cloud.

  1. The connection: How comfortable it is to be able to access all your files in the cloud from any computer, right?

Of course, but always assuming that there is a connection and the servers never fail, because then you will have a problem.

A very common case is when someone is going to project a presentation in PPT or audiovisual material and, when they arrive at the venue/conference room, they find there is no internet connection at that moment, or it is on the blink! In such cases, and many others, a USB memory is the best insurance and a way of salvation.

  1. The passwords: Everyone, at one time or another, goes crazy with the passwords. Each time a program with which we interact asks us for a password, we almost run out of creative ideas to find easy-to-remember options.

Unlike accessing the cloud, with a USB memory there is no problem because you do not require passwords. But, you do have the option to use them if you want, even using fingerprint access!

  1. Share files: You control your cloud, but what happens when you want to share a document with someone who has less knowledge and zero practice in digital storage?

For these cases, such as with older people, the most reliable and effective option is to have an external USB rather than using the cloud.

  1. Branding for companies: The promotional pen drive or USB that is personalised with the company logo is still one of the most important elements of customer and employee loyalty, for quality, price and customisation options.


  1. Multimedia: New generation televisions include internet access, so you can access your files directly in the cloud. But they are not within the reach of the entire public, far from it. To watch movies at home, a USB external memory is still more useful for the average user than the cloud.


  1. The combination: Rather than having to choose between USB or cloud, there are already USB memories that upload your files directly to the cloud if you want. A great combination!

USB memories will surely continue to evolve, and today are still one of the most popular, and useful, promotional merchandise items you can use as part of your overall branding strategy.