The necessity of special shoes for basketball

So, what if I use a pair of regular sports shoes, like the basketball players of yesteryears, while taking on the game? Does it really matter what kind of shoe is used in a basketball game? Well, the answer might be a ‘yes’ for such questions. Basketball shoes for men in the ball game are not just a fashion accessory to adorn a player with. It might be a necessity beyond your thought.

Why go for the basketball shoes while in the game

The game of basket puts quite a test on the player’s agility. Instant acceleration and deceleration with a high potential for lateral movements and jumping are demanded in the game. The players, typically, experience significant forces upon the feet and ankles. The lower legs of the players are strained and need support, for the sake of the player’s performance. Thus, a shoe that supports the movements of the players, is made to absorb shock, is flexible and stable in performance must be a necessity in basketball.

The primary job of a pair of modern-day basketball shoes for men is to provide support to the players while playing, so that the muscle tissues and ligaments on the leg area do not wear and tear out. These shoes are specially designed such that they are best suited to protect the feet and ankles or other highly strained leg areas of the player. It is the safety issue that has motivated this range of products.

Both suitable for larger built-s and comparatively smaller built players, these shoes also adapt to the player’s individual style. The heavier built players require greater ankle support and cushioning while running and jumping. If lacking the ability to provide stability under the player’s weight, the shoes might become the cause of the player’s woes. For smaller players, the weight might not be an issue, however, the shoes must provide flexibility while taking quick movements and accelerations.

Only for men?

On the grounds of performance and safety reasons, basketball shoes for female athletes are differently built compared to those intended for men. The basketballs shoes for women are manufactured according to their slender construct. Women’s feet are much narrower compared to men and the usage of men’s pairs, designed for a wider foot, might lead to lowered levels of performance or some sprains and other serious injuries.

Basketball shoes, another name for fashion

Other than the technical functionalities that they provide to the players, these iconic shoes have come a long way to be labeled as the fashion shoe of the current times. They are not only encouraged by basketball players but also by fans and male fashionistas who love to wear them for any occasion they want, formal to streetwear style.