Top Four Pizza Stones for the Grill


Thin crust. Deep dish. Hand tossed. Vegetarian. Meat lovers. Grilled.

Yes, grilled. Grilling your pizza offers a fantastic charred, smoky flavor you can’t get from an oven. Pizza is actually one of the easiest foods to grill, and if you use a pizza stone, it’s simple to get an evenly cooked, tasty pizza every time.

A pizza stone makes grilling your pizza easy and painless. The pizza stone evenly distributes the heat and prevents your pizza from sticking to your grill
When selecting a stone to use for grilling your pizza, you want to consider a few important factors. Make sure that the pizza stone you select can withstand high temperatures. Your grill will get much hotter than your oven, so don’t assume that a pizza stone that works well in your oven will do the same on the grill. You want a pizza stone that won’t crack under high heat.

Another factor to look for in choosing the best pizza stone for grilling is how durable your stone is. Taking your pizza stone from high heat on the grill to an outdoor eating surface can cause a lot of wear and tear on a stone if it’s not made of high-quality, durable materials. You want a stone that will not chip or crack.

Also, be sure that your pizza stone retains heat well. Since you will be grilling your pizza, the heat of your cooking source is not quite as constant as an oven would be. You want your stone to retain heat and continue cooking your pizza consistently even if your grilling heat drops suddenly.

Top Four Pizza Stones for the Grill

  1. Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is made from unique Thermarite technology. This material is exceptionally strong and durable. It can handle extreme temperatures without chipping or cracking while also shielding your pizza from high temps so it won’t burn. Its heat retention properties help your pizza cook faster while also absorbing moisture to create the perfect crispy crust. One unique feature of the Cast Elegance stone is that it does not require any seasoning or conditioning. It comes ready to use in your grill. It can be used on any type of indoor or outdoor cooking surface.

  1. Pizzacraft rectangular stone

Pizzacraft’s stone comes in a long rectangular shape, making it easy to create large pizzas for your guests or small pizzas just for you. Despite its large size, it will still fit into conventional ovens. It is thermal shock resistant and able to withstand temperatures of 900 degrees. It’s durable and also useful in grilling breads, pastries, and other items.

  1. Unicook heavy duty ceramic pizza stone

The Unicook pizza stone is made of a heavy duty cordeirite stone, which is heat safe up to 1,450 degrees. Its 6.6 lb weight evenly distributes the heating element for optimal cooking on any type of grill or oven. It does not smell like some pizza stones do and uniquely draws out moisture from the pizza dough as it cooks to create a crispy crust.

  1. Char-Griller Smokin’ Stone

The unique design shape of the Char-Griller diverts heat from the perimeter of the grill to protect your pizza from high heat while it cooks. It is made from cordeirite material which is built to withstand temperatures over 1200 degrees. The stone is made for use with Char-Griller grills and helps to create the perfect pizza every time.

Stop cooking your pizza the old-fashioned way–in your oven where it just comes out soggy and disappointing. Grill your pizza on a pizza stone for a delicious, crispy crust that will taste anything but homemade.