7 Great Ideas To Host A Jungle Safari Themed Party

Have your wild child been watching Madagascar movies a lot? Has Alex become his buddy and like him and his wild group, he too wishes to go on a jungle safari on his birthday? Well, here’s a good news! You need no passports to arrange a jungle safari for his birthday when you can actually bring the wilderness down to his own house and right in his room. When you are the parent of a tiger-like-kid like him, you need to roll your sleeves and get to work right away with these great jungle-inspired party ideas because it’s going to be an adventurous ride. Take a look below and bring the madness of Madagascar right in front of his eyes on his special day.

Adventurous Supplies

To bring the Central zoo wilderness right at his party room, you need a couple of animal string decorations, colorful animal balloons which are easily available in variant animal types such as tiger, penguin, zebra, giraffe. You can lay animal print table covers, spread grass carpet all over the area and cover the ceilings with neon LED lights.

Central Zoo Party Favors

When you are done with the decorations, there comes the shopping time. Grab your keys and go to the shopping mall, because you need to shop Madagascar-inspired plates, cups, spoons and big centerpieces so as to keep the jungle spirit wide awake. You can even pick a big banner that is curated with cute jungle animals to decorate the main setting area.

Recreate Your Woodland

A jungle-themed party always has plants and exotic shrubs. Whether the party is taking place near the pool area or in the living room, you need to order indoor plants online and bring the natural essence of the jungle with them. You can even decorate your windowsill with these and beautify the staging area with their nurturing leaves.

Jungle Bungle Games

First and foremost, a jungle safari themed party needs to have a dress code. The little toddlers are expected to either wear animal masks or wear costumes of their favorite animal. And to make them explore the lost world of Africa, all you need is an enticing game such as hide and seek.

Jungle Maddylicious Cake

When the kids are all pumped up after playing games enjoying the picturesque party ambiance, it’s time to blow the candles and shower the cake cutting ceremony with a jungle safari fondant cake which is crowned with fondant animals and prettiest forest caricatures. To make the celebration hassle-free, you can simply send birthday cake online and see happiness flow right through in just after the delivery.

Bears And Hearts

A cake is here, kids are enjoying to their fullest now there’s only one thing left which would make them go bonkers and bring in some whooping fun. Have you already guessed what is it? These are the adorable plush animal toys. You can order them in a wide array and shop these in all variants.

Fearless Play Things

When they all head back to their individual caves and cozy nests, yes by that we mean their own homes. You need to grab a ‘Thank You For Coming’ token and surprise them with stationary gifts. Kids love pencils, colors, sketchbooks and they will beam with happiness finding out animal-inspired stationary as they unwrap their gifts.

He might be your jumpy Zebra or your fearless tiger, all he needs this year is an adventurous birthday celebration that can remind him of Africa and Europe trips, Alex and his friend made. Put your best foot forward and infuse jungle madness right into his day.