What Surprise Can I Give To My Wife on Her Birthday?

Birthday is the most special day of every year and in everyone’s life. It is the day you cut your cake by yourself. If you are single, your family is there to wish you. If you have wife, your wife should be (yes! Read it as it is) the first one to wish you. You deserve that and it’s your duty to do the same for your better half. But, the scene does not end here. It is more interesting when you give your wife a surprise on her birthday. Trust me, no matter how bad the situation is, wives love surprises.

Behaving as You Have Forgotten Until The Last Minute


Keep behaving in a way you do in any other normal day. Wake up, keep it steady and do not show your excitement. First she might want to make you think about it by different hints. Pretend as if you don’t understand anything. Then she might act weird and finally upset. When it is almost turning into something like that, hold it. Take her to a place you have already booked for her surprise birthday party. Get all the guests arrived before you take her there. Then, wish her in front of everyone and make her day special.


Surprisingly, Wish Her At Mid Night With Roses

Remember, it is best to be the first one to wish her happy birthday. The best time is the midnight. When the clock strikes 12 pm, do not waste time any more. Bring out the rose bouquet you ordered from the online Birthday Gift Delivery shop. Gift it to her and give her a kiss to wish her. You can make it more surprising by getting the bouquet delivered at her doorstep at the midnight. This will strengthen her feeling to you. Her belief for your love will grow stronger.

Have Breakfast Made For Her In Bed


Having a breakfast from her hubby’s hand will make her feel the greatest. On her birthday, wake up a little early. Without her notice, go to the kitchen and start making breakfast for her. It can be as simple as French toast with frittata. Or, you might take help of Google to make the international breakfast for her. Whatever you do, make sure it is her favorite. Before serving, put a love letter and a rose on the tray. Take the tray slowly to her bed and wish her the best birthday ever. If you have already wished, wish again with the surprise breakfast. This will make her day.

Surprising Her With Online Gifts


Instead of gifting one big gift, it is better to have plans for small and random surprises. Start with the surprise breakfast. Then a bouquet of rose on her bath tub with a letter. Then a ring in a gift wrap inside her cupboard will melt her heart. The next is the lunch appointment at her favorite place with her parents. In the afternoon, take her on a surprise movie date. Finally, a dinner date and a late night walk will give her the best birthday of her life. Make all these arrangements online as it is the easiest way to get things done in the best way possible.

Arrange a Private Movie Screening


You know your wife is busy She has been so into day’s work that is on a verge of forgetting about her likings. On her birthday, plan a special screening of her favorite movie in the home-theatre. It will be a little better if it is a movie-marathon of her favorites. She would love to go back to her days and re-cherish the memories. One suggestion, prefer the romantic ones from her wish-list. The way she will cuddle with you will give you the best feeling ever. Don’t forget to light the scented candles to keep the ambiance a soothing one. You can browse guest post by 10minuteideas to find a perfect ideas.

Spending Evening Time At Beach


You know she loves beaches and prefers it over mountains. On her birthday, book two tickets to an island she loves to visit. Or it can be your choice as well. Then spend her birthday evening on the beach in the most romantic way possible.

Wishing Her With Sky Fireworks


If you want her to take a day’s off and rest inside the home, this is the best plan. Spend the whole day with her. Then in the evening, bring her out on for an evening stroll to the park. Then gift her bouquet of balloons from Birthday Balloon Delivery. And then, go for the planned firework there in the sky. She will get amazed and will love you to the moon and back.

Romantic Candle Light Dinner


This is the most common but effective idea for birthdays. A candle light dinner date on her favorite restaurant will be the best. Besides, her favorite dishes will be the perfect surprise of the special day.


Once she gets any one /more of the above surprises, she will be the happiest one. The birthday will be the most memorable day of her life.