The complete guide: face makeup holiday sets

Achieving a flawless beauty look is still a dream for a huge number of people, but this can easily be achieved with the help of makeup. But for that, you need to make sure that you use the right kind of makeup. Get face makeup holiday sets from YSL during this festive season in order to achieve that perfect look you always desired. If you are not aware of the things that you will go into your makeup kit, we are here to help you out. In this article, we have mentioned a few essential elements that your makeup kit must contain.


Depending on your skin type it is important that you should choose the right foundation. In case you are confused about which foundation to buy among all the available choices, it is best to go for the liquid foundation as they will provide you more natural finish and are easy to blend.


If you want your makeup to stay, it is important for you to select the right primer. Make sure you buy the primer according to your skin type. Especially if your skin is dry, you will have to use the special primer with some moisturizing contents in it.


This is meant to brighten the targeted areas of your face along with hiding all the dark spots and pimples as well. The concealer is also used to provide you a flawless skin and smooth surface for applying the makeup.

Makeup Sponge

The makeup sponge is the miracle tool that is meant to help you in order to blend the makeup properly. This will make sure that your skin looks evenly toned and will provide you the flawless finish that you were looking for.

Blush and bronzer

The blush and bronzer are meant to highlight your cheekbones and bring your face back to life. If you are choosing a new bronzer to make sure that it is at least two shades darker than your skin tone in order to avoid getting the artificial look.

Setting powder

This is one of the essential tools that will make your makeup base to set. This setting powder is meant to blur and reduce the artificial shine with just a single swipe. The lightweight formula is also known to absorb quickly without any traces left behind.

Eye makeup

It is essential for you to have the eye makeup components in your makeup kit. The essential elements include the eye primer, eyeshadow base, eyeliner mascara, eyelash curler as well as the eyeshadow palette.


Your lips are the finishing touch to your makeup and must be taken care of properly. That is why it is essential for you to use the correct lipstick shade and apply it accordingly. You can also get face makeup holiday sets from YSL during this festive season.


A good highlighter is meant to provide you the lit from within glow, and that is why should be an essential part of your makeup kit.