How Promotional Products Can Boost Your Brand Recognition

Brand recognition: it’s what all businesses, large and small, are aiming towards. Don’t you want people to be able to immediately identify your business and its products or services from your logo and packaging? You want your business to be top of mind, but how do you achieve that? Well, there are many ways to build a memorable brand, and they start with offering high-quality products and services. But once that foundation is covered, it’s time to get the word out. One very handy method for marketing your business is through the use of promotional products in Melbourne. Such products can be customised easily to include the name, logo and tagline of your company in a prominent place.

Studies have found that commonly used promotional products such as USB sticks and calendars are just as good at generating brand awareness as newspaper or radio advertising. But due to the fact that distributing promotional products in Melbourne is a lot more defined and targeted than general advertising to the masses, it’s much more cost-effective. This article will discuss some ways to use promotional products in Melbourne to get the best marketing results.

Product Ideas for Promotions

When you’re launching a campaign using promotional products in Melbourne, it’s vital that you’re strategic in your choice of items, and that you choose trending products. The products you put your branding on should also be relevant to what your business offers, and they should be likable and usable too. If an item is practical, it will be kept around the workplace or home for longer. Mugs are a good example; studies show that 87% of people will keep a promotional mug for a year or more. Other useful items include USB sticks, pens or pencils, household items, stationery, mouse pads, and clothing such as branded t-shirts and caps. For the best levels of visibility and brand awareness, choose promotional products in Melbourne that will be kept for years rather than weeks or months. The repeated exposure to your brand via multiple uses will work on both the conscious and unconscious mind of the consumer.  

How Promotional Products in Melbourne Work

The trick that promotional products in Melbourne play on people is to get them to break brand loyalty with the promise of a freebie. Simply, you build brand recognition by stealing the brand loyalty of the consumer from another brand. If you offer something for free, it can be a powerful influencer for changing behaviour. For example, someone might buy a different beer brand because they want the free offer of an attractive promotional bottle opener. Or perhaps a family chooses to go to a different restaurant because it offers kids free colouring pencils to take home. Think about your audience and what would be an attractive offer for them when it comes to promotional products. When you start with a clear strategy for employing promotional products in Melbourne to market your brand, you’re sure to have a much more successful campaign.