Gorgeous wooden roses bouquets

You can keep forever

You can make a painting of your real rose’s bouquet or can get its photo, but the fact is that the actual flowers will last only for a few days. That is why a long-lasting bouquet is trending nowadays: wooden roses/flower bouquet. If you want flowers to last forever, wooden wedding flowers are a fantastic choice for you.

Sola wood bouquets:

Wooden rose’s bouquets and wooden flower bouquets come from sola wood tapioca plant roots. Tapioca plant is tropical species of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. These wooden flower bouquets can also be made from balsa tree bark. Naturally, these flowers are available in ivory color and this is simply the perfect color for brides.

But if you have no plans for a traditional white wedding, these sola wood flowers can still make your bridal bouquet. After crafting this thin wood material into the floral shape it can acquire any color you wish for. All of these flowers are handcrafted and every single petal of these flowers keeps the perfection of a real artist.

The best option for the bridal bouquet:

Sola wooden bouquets are available in countless variations and styles, but the wooden roses bouquet for brides is a phenomenal option to chose for. Its elegance, grace, delicacy, and sophistication provide a stunning look to the bridal appearance. Roses are not just flowers, but these are a symbol of love and purity and that is why a bridal bouquet of roses is the ideal combination. Bridal wooden roses bouquet is the best thing to hold whole exchanging vows for so many reasons.

  • They are romantic:

Roses are always the best contributors to spreading romance in the air and on your big day roses boost up the charm of your romance and wooden roses bouquet adds an extra option of a multitude of colors. You can select a rose in purple or blue also to meet your wedding theme.

  • They are durable:

Original roses cannot last for long. They get wilt or dry with time and you cannot keep them with you as a beautiful memory of your precious moments. Wooden roses bouquet is an everlasting alternative to a traditional bouquet. With a little care, you can keep it for your fiftieth wedding anniversary with their same grace and everlasting beauty.

  • They are eco-friendly & affordable:

Sola wood roses bouquet is made up of natural material and that is why it is eco-friendly than other fake floral options. It is the best replacement of original flowers for people who have a pollen allergy and as compare to the price of original blooms these are very affordable with so many benefits.


Weddings are a day to remember with their magical moments and wooden roses bouquets add a touch long-lasting joy and unforgettable memories. WOODFLOWERS.COM is doing efforts to provide the best possible option of wood flowers for your wedding day. We are the best in styling and crafting astonishing bridal bouquets that can easily match wedding themes, go with bridal dress and accessories. Our sola wood flowers will confuse to make them feel real.