Master the art of buying tent with these tips

Do you want to organize a garden party at home? In this case, a party Frame Tent could prove very useful. In good weather, you can roll up the side walls to let in the fresh air and bring them back in the evening when it starts to cool. You also will be offered with compact 10×20 tent and even up to 5×8 meters for large garden parties or other outdoor activities.

Easy up party tents

The great advantage of an easy up party tent is that it can easily be set up in a few minutes by just 2 people. Thanks to its very practical harmonica folding system (1), the tent can be easily unfolded (2). Then you attach (3) the tarp to the roof, (4) adjust the legs to the correct height and you can also secure the tent with tent pegs. The easy up tents can be extended using movable walls.

Event tents

Impossible to go unnoticed with an event tent! They are ideal for outdoor events such as clearance sales, but can also come in handy when camping. Besides their striking design, they are also equipped with UV protection and are therefore suitable for protecting you from the sun. To stay out of the wind, event tents can often be extended using movable walls.

Maintenance tips

Before using the tent for the first time, it is a good idea to ask yourself if you want to make it waterproof with an impregnation agent. For the impregnation of tents you can use HG textile waterproofing agent.

To enjoy your tent for many years to come, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly before storing it and to let it dry to prevent mold from forming. The cleaning is done quite simply with hot water and a brush. If you want to use cleaning products, take into account that the tent will have to undergo a new impregnation operation.