Sophisticated Puzzles for Adults

Have you been searching for some creative entertainment during the lockdown? Or, perhaps, you need a gift for a friend who enjoys mental exercises? If so, wooden puzzle toys might be exactly what you were looking for.

UGears is a Ukrainian-based company that makes beautiful 3D puzzles for adults, now available in the US. These models resemble mechanisms of the Victorian era, each of them being unique and imaginative. There are animals, cars, carousels, and many more items, including entire factories. All the puzzles are divided into three categories of difficulty. Easy ones take from 20 minutes to 3 hours to complete. Models of the intermediate level require 4-8 hours, while the hard category is a challenge for true puzzle masters, taking up to 16 hours to assemble hundreds of pieces. It is a perfect way to relax while making a decoration that would add a special feel to your room. No additional tools are needed, only your hands and brains. UGears puzzles seem quite sophisticated, but do not worry: simple and detailed instructions are in place to guide your efforts.

Such a puzzle could be a perfect gift for someone who is interested in crafting and in steampunk. Most mechanisms are working, which means that your cogs will turn, your cars will move, and your clocks will tick. There is a calendar displaying dates up to 2044 and even a fully functioning musical instrument. Fans of fantasy tabletop games will also find useful additions to their gaming gear, for example, a dice tower with regulated height and a treasure box that may be used for storage. You may visit the UGears website at to explore all available models.

Wooden 3D puzzles are a great way to spend time and to help your mind escape from an overwhelming information flow. Several hours of concentration will shift the focus from daily problems, and once completed, the exquisite models will surely fill you with a sense of achievement.