The menswear summer trends that you should avoid

As the warmer weather approaches, we need to change what we are wearing. Do you know what menswear you should be wearing this summer and what should really be avoided? Here is a look at what not to wear, along with all the latest trends.

According to the Telegraph, the menswear fashion market is now growing faster than the womenswear market, but there are some men’s fashions that are best avoided.

Colours to avoid

Large blocks of primary colours should be avoided. Instead, you should be opting for toned-down versions, like muted blues and pinks instead of vibrant red and blue. In the summer, it is very easy to think that white looks good on everyone, but if you do not have the tan or lifestyle to match, wearing all white can be a bit of a mistake. The alternative is to go for other colours that you are familiar with, such as khaki, grey and muted colours as suggested above. Varying the fabrics you are wearing can also make a difference to your overall look.

Accessories to avoid

Choosing sunglasses can be a bit of a minefield, but eyewear that belongs in the 1990s should be ditched in favour of a return to the 1970s. Big frames that make a statement are a great look, but make sure your clothes fit with current trends so you do not look like you belong in the 1970s. Bucket hats are back and are a practical and trendy way to wear a hat while also enjoying protection from the sun. These are certainly favoured over berets, which do not suit many people and are definitely something to be avoided.

Shirts and jackets

Instead of wearing a jacket or blazer that looks like it should be back in the 1980s or 1990s, you should opt for shirts that nod back to the 1950s this summer. Try Farah shirts such as those from, or look for shirts with vibrant patterns and Cuban collars that can be teamed with a white t-shirt underneath or a blazer on top for the perfect look.

If you follow our advice about what trends you should avoid and what clothing and accessories you should be wearing instead, you will definitely be looking cool this summer.