Promo Products – Cheapest Marketing Method to Upscale the Customer Base

There is no business that can earn profit and reputation without marketing and promotion. Half of your customers would love to use the promotional free giveaways they receive as a part of your brand marketing project. Promo products are the easiest and cheapest way to build a brand image for a company.

These products also work best for long-term marketing goals. Whenever your customer uses a promo product, it catches the attention of many new potential customers over a period of time. Also, you need not plan every single time you want to create brand awareness during events and fairs.

Custom promotional marketing bags statistically generate more customer impression at the lowest price per bag than any other promotional product in the United States. You can go one step ahead and customize your promotional bag in a completely environmental friendly manner from an eco-friendly venture such as Custom Earth Promos.

Creative and popular promotional giveaways

Some of the products that are commonly used as promotional giveaways and are sure to increase your ROI and sales are:

  1. T-shirts:
  • A neutral tone t-shirt with a graphic or a quote printed on it.
  • It is comfortable, cheap, and received very eagerly by the customers and clients.
  • Even your own employees would love to flaunt it wherever they go.
  1. Bottles:
  • As more and more people are turning away from plastics, steel bottles are playing a big role in everybody’s day to day life.
  • A set of stainless steel bottle printed with your brand name and logo is a perfect promo product.
  • A customer carries a well insulated bottle almost everywhere; to the gym, airport, while commuting for work, picnic, and playgrounds.
  1. Protein shakers:
  • People are getting health conscious because of the ever increasing number of lifestyle disorders crippling the world.
  • Shakers with a good capacity and quality can be carried to work and to places such as gym and indoor courts as well.
  • Shakers are a good way to create brand awareness and health consciousness at the same time.
  1. Pocket sanitizers:
  • During the time of pandemic, everyone is scared to venture out.
  • Sanitizers that are more than 70% alcohol and can fit in a pocket can be used as promo products.
  • These are useful and can generate a sense of safety for your brand in the minds of the customer.
  1. Backpacks, Totes, reusable grocery bags, travel friendly pouches:
  • Bags of any kind are useful and will be reused by most of your customers.
  • Make them attractive and aesthetically appealing, it should be enough to reach the eyes of many potential customers.
  • The bigger the better applies here as a customer using the bag for all its shopping needs will always remember your brand.

Clients and customers are almost always very eager to receive and use promo products. Get creative and understand their needs to gain competitive edge over your niche market competitors. Customers are always loyal to the brands who understand their needs.

If possible, use environmental friendly products and you will be surprised to gain even more loyal customer base.