Are Your Old Home Windows Worth Repairing?

Buying new windows isn’t always the solution for windows that have sustained some serious wear and tear over the years. The decision to repair often tends to be cheaper than going with complete replacements and many homeowners put a time and thought into choosing one over the other due to the cost that comes with the latter.

Simply put, if you can repair your windows you’ll end up keeping more cash in your pocket.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that repair is the right choice for your home windows. Every home is different with varying degrees of wear and tear and damage that need to be addressed. The extent of repair needed on your home windows must be carefully diagnosed in order to effectively make that judgment call between repair and replacement.

The factors for diagnosis include weighing the costs of the repair against how much money you could save in energy costs as a result. You must take a good long at the condition of all the components of your windows. The sashes are particularly critical for examination and, of course, the window glass. Any cracks or missing pieces are going to need your immediate attention.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the windows is also crucial, if these elements are too worn down, damaged, or displaying excessive breakdown, then you could have a bigger job ahead of you than you first thought.

If your windows just look old and tired and they’re bringing the property value down, then you may be able to spruce them up with some simple repairs. It’s likely you already know that your current windows are in need of some attention, but how bad is it really?

Going with replacement windows as a solution may very well cost you far more dependent on the type of window you’re dealing with and the extent of the damage that has been done. If your home is significantly older and it currently has vintage or aluminum-clad windows or there are multiple panes to manage, you may want to opt for repair and not replacement.

So take a look at these helpful hints from your local Renewal by Andersen replacement windows dealer to help you determine if it’s better to repair or replace.

Drafty Windows

Window problems can reveal themselves in a wide variety of ways. Drafty windows are a good example, you may feel a draft coming in and it could be from any number of reasons. Luckily, many of the common diagnoses can be solved with simple and inexpensive methods.

Weather stripping is perhaps the best example of both. It only costs a few bucks and all you need to do is apply it where the breeze is coming in so your window shuts a lot tighter. If that isn’t the key to fixing the issue, you may need to grab some simple painter’s caulk and fill in any cracks or broken seals that have come about over time around the window frame or sash.

Inoperative Windows

As homes age, they get painted repeatedly. The older the home, the more likely it’s seen more than its share of coats of paints. But windows can start to suffer the brunt of all those coats and become painted shut over time.

If your window just won’t open anymore, you may be able to get it open again with a common putty knife and some sandpaper. The thickness of the paint that has accumulated will dictate the extent of the work necessary, but this is something you can even do yourself to keep costs low and your original window intact in your home. No replacements needed here.

Rotten Windows

Particularly older homes will often have wooden windows that have fallen on hard times. After close inspection, you may discover the wood has rotted in areas and that might be the signal that it’s time to replace them entirely.

Not so fast. Some rotten wood issues can be solved through repair, it just all depends on the extent of the damage and where it exists. Rot in a frame or a sash can be addressed with some epoxy and you’re all set. Bigger jobs, however, may require a professional’s opinion to take a long look at how far the rot has permeated the wood in your window.

Just because you see some on the outside doesn’t mean it’s all the way into the structural framework of the window, nor does it mean that your rot is limited to the outer layers either. Having it diagnosed by a window professional can tell you how much of a repair is really needed or if the window is too damaged and must be replaced.