How to Assemble a Walk Kit for Dogs

When it comes to long walks with your dog, there are a wide range of accessories that can make it more comfortable for both of you. Whether you like to go for hikes in the mountains or tackle country trails, having everything you need to hand just makes sense. But while there are various walk kits with collars and harnesses for dogs available to buy, the experts at Voyager Harness say it is just as easy to assemble your own. They say that doing this will ensure you have the things that you and your dog need when out and away from home. So, what should you put in your walk kit?

What is a Dog-Walking Kit?

A dog-walking kit is something that should be easy to carry and easy to access so that whenever you want to go out for a long walk with your pet you will have everything you need instantly to hand. Some people like to keep their dog walk kit in the house, while others will store it in their car. Some even assemble two kits for ease.

The most important items in your dog walk kit are going to be the leash and the harness. While you might prefer to attach the leash to your dog’s collar, a harness is handy to have for longer walks because it more evenly distributes pressure for the dog and can be much more comfortable. When buying a dog harness, it is a good idea to choose one that fits securely around your dog and that comes with adjustable straps for comfort. If your dog is prone to pulling, look for a harness that clips at the front as this will discourage this.

Even if you do use a dog harness, it makes sense to place a collar on your dog when out walking because you can attach an identification tag to this so that he can be reunited with you should he get lost.

Make sure your dog kit contains poop bags. You might have a leash attachment that holds poop bags, but it is always sensible to have spares in your walk kit.

Reflective strips that can be attached to your dog’s harness or collar are worth having in the bag as you never know when you might need them. Even if you are not planning to be out walking at night, an emergency situation could mean that you and your dog are out in the hours of darkness and need to be visible.

Pack treats for your dog as well as fresh water and a collapsible bowl. Your walk kit should contain a bottle of water that you can drink from and that you can use to put in your dog’s bowl. You should also make sure that the walk kit contains a nutritious snack for you.

It is a good idea to pack a towel and a lightweight waterproof jacket for you and your dog. Your dog might find a puddle to splash in and need to be dried off with a towel, and you could be caught off guard by a change in the weather.


A walk kit for dogs should contain everything you need to ensure that you and your pet have an enjoyable walk and that you are prepared for all eventualities. When you create your own walk kit, you can customize it to include the things that you and your pet like. However, make sure you do not put unnecessary items in your kit as it could make it too heavy and awkward to carry.